Here's how to reduce your common household bills

A recent article from the Kiama Independent-Lake Times suggests the following ways to reduce your household bills:
    • Use LED lights
    • Use solar powered security lights
    • Dry your laundry outdoors when possible
    • Use a greenhouse
    • Mulch
    • Do creative composting
    • Use a pressure washer to reduce your water use when cleaning

Top 15 Geekiest IKEA Hacks

Thanks to Lifehacker you now can begin your own IKEA hack project at home. This list of the top 15 IKEA do-it-yourself projects ranges from a miniature bedroom Bat-signal to your very own remote-controlled robot.

Boosting biogasoline production

Microbes may be the answer to boosting biogasoline. Specific DNA genes appear in E. coli appear to cause improved fuel production. Researchers are now finding ways to identify those specific genes in order to improve biofuel production from microbes.

What do you think? Are biofuels going to be an important future energy source?

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DIY for your Finances?

The financial DIY crowd tends to fall into several categories: The Mindful, The Bubblers, The Muddlers, and The Avoiders. Which one are you? This author recommends that you be "mindful" and ask yourself regularly “What if” meaning... What if my assumptions are wrong? What if I’ve missed something important?

Is DIY a good idea for finances?